Luxe Cuisines Idées de conception

Voulez-vous vous sentir le luxe et ambiance moderne dans votre cuisine? Vous pouvez y parvenir avec facilité. La couleur or est symbole de l'élégance, que la conception de votre cuisine avec cette couleur sera idée magnifique.

Chambres Couleur Vert

Si vous l'avez fait sur ​​les 70 avec votre mémoire intacte (et même si vous ne fût pas né à l'époque), qui peut oublier que «vomi vert» était la couleur de la décennie? Ils avaient la bonne idée.

Idées de décoration chambre enfants

Les filles aiment décorer leur chambre, le choix des couleurs et des accessoires, de sorte faire une expérience amusante, et d'impliquer votre fille quand vous choisissez des couleurs chambre fille.

Idées novatrices de conception cuisines

Les cuisines sont plus qu'une simple cuisson. Ils sont une pièce de prédilection pour parler et partager. Cuisines modernes a tactile étonnant dans votre maison.

Unique Cuisine éviers rivière Designs

L'évier de la cuisine peut changer votre regard entier de votre cuisine. Les éviers de cuisine sont maintenant disponibles dans de nombreux styles

April 22, 2014

The most original designs for Nordic

The Nordic provide a nice heat, they are also very comfortable for being so lightweight. Another advantage of duvet covers is that the bed is made ​​at a time to dispense with granite sheets, blankets and bedspreads. Good covers for Nordic may be an element of the decor of the room.

Original Covers for Nordic
If we want Nordic cases are an element of the original decor in the rooms, it is best to resort to prestigious brands in the world of fashion and have a look at their collections of bedding . Some of these brands are Victorio & Lucchino, Devout & Lomba, Antonio Amaya Arzuaga or Miro.

In addition to top quality textiles as cotton or 100% linen or linen designs sleeves Nordic premium brands always bring a touch of distinction and originality. Usually, all brands included in games the duvet cover , fitted sheet and one or two pillow cases depending on the size of the bed.

Devout & Lomba original model has a duvet cover, I sleep with a print-based sentences combining words Sleep, sleep, With you so that you can read messages difierentes depending on where you start to read. The measures range from beds of 90 cm to 180 cm and the price for the smallest size is € 72.30.

The brand Amaya Arzuaga also has a collection of bedding, between the covers include Nordic, very original. The Letter is inspired by a model airgram, ie the envelopes of letters sent by airmail. The price of these covers as original Nordic is 57,00 €, whether it is a single bed and € 84,00 for a bed of 150 cm.

First marks to covers Nordic
If you want to give the distinction finishing touch to your room with original Nordic cases , do not be carried away by the most commercial and accessible. The major fashion brands also develop collections of clothing home with high quality textiles and some exclusive designs at very competitive prices.

April 15, 2014

Why you should consider a wool rug for your home

Wool rugs are very popular for contemporary homes. Why you should consider one for your home? Carpets of wool in a modern contemporary home add a touch of warmth to any room. Many people prefer the look of woven carpets or upholstered. Many of the popular styles can be very affordable for low budget redecorating.

Therefore, for those looking to invest in a wool carpet, there may be questions about durability.While wool rugs are popular for many different reasons, one of the most popular reasons is the nature of resistant wool rugs. Wool fibers do not absorb soil very well. This makes it easier to keep the carpets clean.In addition, wool rugs are fire resistant. The carpets are safe to put in children's rooms or in high traffic areas of the house. The material is also resistant to static electricity. Wool naturally absorbs water from the air. Studies show that the wool fiber can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water and it still feels dry to the touch.

Wool rugs can actually absorb the water vapor in the air, relieving the humidity in the house. Wool rugs are also very durable. They can support their quality for years, even inside the house of a family.Earlier active in this article, it was said that wool carpets do not absorb dirt. Other spills are also fairly easy to clean. You can remove most stains with a bit 'of warm water with light and absorbent. You do not need chemicals, making it safer for your family.Upkeep of your wool rug depends on how you look after it once you bring it home. A slight vacuum cleaner once a week with slow, even strokes actually contributes to improve the quality.

A new wool carpet fibers may shed a few at first, and this is quite natural. With time, the shedding effect will fade and with the continuous removal adjust, the carpet looks better and has improved quality.Rugs are not only popular for their many benefits, but also for their designs. Now, manufacturers can create popular oriental, Persian and other styles of rugs for every fashion house. You can get traditional handmade carpets of fine quality, or something a little 'more inexpensive, machine made ​​wool carpet is just as beautiful.

Many of the handmade rugs come from China, Spain, or India. If you are looking for machine made ​​carpets, carpet many companies in the United States Create these.If you are looking for a nice contemporary feel to your home, wool rugs make it stylish and inexpensive option. Finding the right one for your home should be easy, a store to redecorate or specialized shop wool rug would be able to help you with your needs and make recommendations on style. Wool rugs are a great investment for your home.

April 12, 2014

Roche Bobois Books 2014

You know the firm Roche Bobois ? Well you should know that your furniture is truly luxurious, the result of the union of the best materials and great international artists. Also, you can customize to your taste, to have a high-quality furniture and unique!

In his new collection for spring-summer 2014, Roche Bobois shows signs of savoir faire , creativity and innovation, values ​​at the heart of his conception of l'art de vivre . And is that new creations for this year propose new play of shapes, bright colors and natural materials to give your home this transformation're looking for. Want to know more about the new proposals for Roche Bobois? 

Predominantly the living and dining
Within the new collection from Roche Bobois for spring-summer 2014 you can find all kinds of products: sofas, armchairs, chairs, dining tables, dressers, bedrooms, libraries, modular furniture, desks, coffee tables, furniture, TV consoles , small furniture, outdoor furniture, cabinets and closets, and comfortable tables, children's bedrooms, lamps, cushions and rugs and accessories.

For those who do not know, Roche Bobois is a chain of furniture design and decoration. Its origins date back to 1950 in the French city of Lyon. With clear inspiration from the Bauhaus and great adaptation to the market over the years, today is the worldwide leader of selective distribution of furniture and is distinguished by a unique positioning in the sector. Roche Bobois The brand is present in 40 countries through an international network constantly developing more than 240 stores. In Spain has more than 20 properties.

April 8, 2014

How to integrate a laundry at home

Until recently it was necessary to design a specific space for integrating the laundry in the house, but now there are many other options that allow us to integrate saving space and time especially when performing this task.

At home, it has evolved into the use of space in virtually all areas, and of course our laundry was not going to be less.Not all houses have a room that you can devote to these matters, so that a solution can be put this area on a terrace or gallery, in the bathroom or even the kitchen .

For those who have little space, a good idea is to buy a washer dryer to maximize space and not have to have two appliances that will occupy us enough space.In case you have a little more space, you can choose to place the washer , dryer and all the baskets of clothing online, to have everything at hand more comfortable doing this task. Additionally you can take advantage and place shelves on appliances and even use some supplements that allow us to organize the clothes is ready.

If you have little space, another option is to stack the washer and dryer and accompany some area to keep the products and other accessories.There are many cabinets that are able to camouflage our appliances so we can install our laundry where it suits us.
If you have a spare room in which to install the laundry, you can place large shelves to place and ironed clothes, an area for the products needed to carry laundry baskets and differentiating between whites, color, delicate ...Organize the space functional and practical, always thinking that this task as comfortable as possible.

IKEA furniture outdoor spring summer 2014

IKEA is always innovating and approaching new options to decorate furniture, acclimate and organize every room in the house. On this occasion, on the occasion of the arrival of the season spring summer 2014 , is presented to us his collection of outdoor furniture , ideal for gardens , terraces or patios.

As you can see, the proposals bring in the new catalog are characterized by simple and be focused mostly on wood furniture. Of course, not everyone is in this item, but you can find some cheaper, plastic or light metal.

Sun beds, chairs, sofas, games chairs for the afternoon and all kinds of variants, including the classic chair grandma, are just some of the options you will encounter, to place in the garden, poolside or in conjunction under a pergola, to spend an afternoon with friends or family.

And how could it be otherwise, IKEA offers a range of utility and decorative accessories to complete in the garden. Among them, stand tables, umbrellas, chairs and cushions for chairs, lamps of all kinds crockery with fun motifs, ideal with a good drink.

Then we let a small sample of what the collection, so you can be choosing, make changes in your garden or home from the beach for next summer.



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